Lack of Sleep in Teenagers Linked to High Blood Pressure

Just another reason to sleep in when you can! A Canadian study of 4,100 young people found that those with the worst sleep habits were more likely to be overweight or have unhealthy blood pressure or cholesterol levels. Obviously these issues can lead to more serious complications later on in life.

The prevailing theory seems to be that those up later have more opportunity to snack and are less likely to have the necessary energy to exercise later. There may also be some hormonal issues caused by sleep loss which could impede fat metabolism.

Over time all those late night burritos can add up to some really nasty physical issues which could one day prove fatal. High cholesterol and obesity are two main contributing factors to heart disease later on in life. Though, scientists caution, there are no clear direct links between poor sleep and heart disease at this time.

The goal they say is to shoot for nine solid hours of sleep time each night. But don’t go thinking you can simply “make up” hours later – the brain doesn’t work that way.

(Source: Daily Mail)

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