Lack of Sleep in Teenagers Linked to High Blood Pressure

Eternal Reefs Growing in Popularity


A team of environmentalists have devised a way to create a ‘living legacy’ to loved ones who pass that can become a sustainable part of the undersea environment and benefit…

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More Deaths Blamed on Brain Eating Amoebas


Like some kind of microscopic zombie it crawls in your nose while you’re swimming, goes directly up to your brain and begins feasting on your brain matter until you die…

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The Not-So Fresh Prince of Bellaire, OH


When police in Bellaire, OH arrived at the home of an unnamed 43-year-old man they found the man literally stuck to his seat. “Last night’s Top Chef finale was that…

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20 Gnarly Old School War Wounds


War isn’t pretty, but sometimes you need to see the ravages of battle close up to appreciate the impact. These photos from over 100 years of war illustrate not only…

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