Lack of Sleep in Teenagers Linked to High Blood Pressure

Just another reason to sleep in when you can! A Canadian study of 4,100 young people found that those with the worst sleep habits were more likely to be overweight or have unhealthy blood pressure or cholesterol levels. Obviously these issues can lead to more serious complications later on in life.

The prevailing theory seems to be that those up later have more opportunity to snack and are less likely to have the necessary energy to exercise later. There may also be some hormonal issues caused by sleep loss which could impede fat metabolism.

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Eternal Reefs Growing in Popularity

A team of environmentalists have devised a way to create a ‘living legacy’ to loved ones who pass that can become a sustainable part of the undersea environment and benefit our wildlife.

Back in the 1980’s a pair of divers noticed that the ecological state of their favorite diving points had been deteriorating over time. Their favorite reefs were dissolving and dying leaving countless organisms without a home and an ecosystem in peril. Disheartened yet determined to act, the team developed what they call a ‘Reef Ball’ that “replicates the natural marine environment that supports coral and microorganism development.”

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More Deaths Blamed on Brain Eating Amoebas

Like some kind of microscopic zombie it crawls in your nose while you’re swimming, goes directly up to your brain and begins feasting on your brain matter until you die a painful death less than seven days later. It is undetectable, nearly incurable and has killed at least three people in as many months. Its name is naegleria fowleri and it is easily the scariest thing lurking in pools of fresh water across America.

A nine-year old Virginia boy has become the latest to fall victim to the illness known as primary amoebic meningoencephalitis caused by naegleria fowleri. A teenager from Florida died last week and a Louisiana man died in June of the same disease.

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The Not-So Fresh Prince of Bellaire, OH

When police in Bellaire, OH arrived at the home of an unnamed 43-year-old man they found the man literally stuck to his seat. “Last night’s Top Chef finale was that good,” he explained. Ha ha. No, just kidding. He was too fat to move and his skin had become fused to his chair by two years worth of urine, feces and maggots.

Working in conjunction with the local fire department, police were able to finally extricate the man from his house by cutting a hole in his wall (seen at right). He was taken to a hospital in West Virginia where he later died.

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20 Gnarly Old School War Wounds

War isn’t pretty, but sometimes you need to see the ravages of battle close up to appreciate the impact. These photos from over 100 years of war illustrate not only the grisly nature of armed conflict, but also the challenges faced by medical personnel charged with patching up soldiers and innocent bystanders caught in the line of fire — especially in the eras before advances in anesthesia, plastic surgery, amputation and modern medicine.

WARNING: not for the squeamish!

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7 Disgusting Medical Treatments (That Actually Work)

Medicine isn’t pretty, but sometimes it’s even less pretty than normal. Here are seven such procedures and treatments that aren’t for the squeamish, but hey, they seem to actually work.

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