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Basic Medical Coding Systems

There are several coding systems that medical coders use in order to do their jobs. Each is designed with the same purpose: to help medical professionals communicate information about patients’ conditions, treatment and medical history. Three of the major coding … Continue reading

How to Start a Medical Coding Home Business

For people interested in starting a home-based businesses, medical coding can be an excellent opportunity. For an experienced professional, offerings these services from a home office and building a profitable business is an attainable goal. A home-based medical coding business … Continue reading

What is a Medical Billing & Coding Program Like?

Though it’s an entry-level position, a medical billing and coding career isn’t easy to fall into. Qualified medical billing and coding programs, though, can more than prepare you to enter the office with confidence. Career schools and junior colleges often … Continue reading

What's the Difference Between Billing & Coding?

Though similar, medical billing and medical coding are two separate functions carried out by professionals in the health care industry. Though in many cases these two roles are filled by the same people, this is not always the case. Here … Continue reading